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Click here to Take the GADOE School Climate Parent Survey

At Skyview, we're always diligently working to ensure that our students are given the best education that we can provide.  They earn grades based on how well they master the skills that we teach them.  Well, it is no different with our staff.  We too are graded on how well we teach the students and work together to do so.  This is called our school climate or health. 

We need your help rating us!  Yes, by anonymously completing this survey, you will be grading our performance and submitting it directly to the GA Department of Education (GADOE).  After the GADOE analyses the results, they will give us a School Climate Star rating, which will directly effect our College & Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI).  The CCRPI is our grade!!

So click on the link below and give us your feedback as soon as possible!! 

Thank you in advance for your input.