PLEASE PUT THIS LETTER IN A SAFE PLACE TO KEEP!  It is your letter and rubric for your child’s next project.  Thanks again!


January 2011


Thank you for your continued help with your child’s projects.  We began teaching the unit on Georgia’s Living World and Its Habitats, in January.  This unit will once again end with your child’s presentation of his/her project.  Our projected date for the presentation of projects is March 7, 2011.  Late projects will not be accepted.   Once again, we urge you to instill the concepts of originality and quality as you and your child plan this last project. 


*Each student must write a research paper on their animal and its habitat.  At least three different sources must be used to gather information.  Much of the research and writing will be completed in the classroom.  However, the final, typed copy should be completed at home and turned in with the 3D display.


*The sources should also be listed in writing as part of the project. 




*We are asking that this project be displayed as a diorama (shoe box), or other small platform.  Tri-Boards, posters, power points and/or other kinds of computer generated projects will not be accepted. We have some examples at school to share ideas.


Our key concepts with this unit are Georgia’s regions, living things (habitats plants and animals), and ecology (pollution, recycling).  A copy of the evaluation rubric will be sent home in the coming weeks.  Below is a list of lesson topics, ideas, and websites. Thank you again for all that you do to help your child. 


Sincerely yours,

Third Grade Teachers


Lesson topics: habitats of Georgia organisms and their dependency of them on their habitat (mountains, marsh/swamp, coast, Piedmont, Atlantic Ocean); what will happen if an organism’s habitat is changed; pollution and its effects on humans and animals, ways to protect the environment; pollution; recycling.


Websites that we will use at school:

Habitats and Organisms: (username: bibb1234, password: bibb1234)

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