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The vision of the Bibb County School District is to develop each student to demonstrate strength of character and be college or career ready. Our mission promotes the need to educate every student to be prepared for a 21st Century global society. The Instructional Technology department supports this vision and mission by assisting educators with infusing digital technologies into the teaching and learning process. In using technologies to teach the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS), we model and provide instructional content and strategies that encourage higher-order thinking skills and promote lifelong learning.  
The department consists of a Director of Instructional Technology, a Title I Instructional Technologist, and six Technology Specialists. We offer group and individualized training and provide professional development classes for PLU credit.

Department Members

  • Dr. Monica G. Radcliff - Director of Instructional Technology
  • Vicki Boatwright - Technology Specialist
  • Vanessa Wynn - Title l Instructional Technologist
  • Linda Crowell - Technology Specialist
  • Kendra Baxter - Technology Specialist
  • Dee Firebaugh - Technology Specialist

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